Delayed Diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma in HIV Patient after Third Molar removal
Marcello Guglielmi, DDS, Genevien Boivin, DMD, Rishad Shaikh, DMD, Gilda Bontempo, MD, Jane Kim Nguyen, MD,PhD, Rania Rayes, MD
NYSDJ August/September 2017

Penetrating facial injury with retained knife blade: a case report
Jennifer Jones, Marcello Guglielmi, Seth R. Brooks
Clinic Surgery 2017 Vol. 2: article 1411

Maxillofacial Trauma Book Chapter
M Guglielmi, DDS, R Shaikh, DMD, K P Pareck, DDS, C S Ash, DDS, MS
Trauma Anesthesia: Cambridge Medicine 2015: 2nd edition 2015

Halitosis as a Product of Hepatic Disease
M Guglielmi, DDS, M Beushausen DMD, C Feng, PhD, A Beech, DMD, D A Baur, DDS,
SADA Journal September 2014, Vol 69 no 8 p364- p367

Modified Roll Palatal Flap Technique in Aesthetic Zone Stability of Results After 5 years
M Guglielmi, DDS, F. A. Quereshy, MD, DDS, FACS, D A. Baur, MD, DDS,
CJRDP Journal Vol. 7 Fall 2014

Orthognathic Surgery for Correction of Patients With Mandibular Excess: Don’t Forget To Assess The Gonial Angle
M Guglielmi, DDS, K, M. Schneider, MS, DMD, G Iannetti, MD, C Feng, PhD
J Oral Maxillofac Surg 71:1063-1072, 2013

Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma:Topic review and a unique case of metastasis to the mandible
M. Schneider, MS, DMD, M Guglielmi, DDS, K, A Y Martinez, DDS
J. Maxillofacial and oral surg. April 2012

Multi-center study evaluating Skeletal and Soft Tissue Changes after Bimaxillary Surgery in Patients with Mandibular Excess
M Guglielmi, DDS, R H Tallents, DDS, G Ianette MD, L Pollan DMD, MS
Abstract: J.CranioFac Surg. 2008 Sept.: 36 (1): Suppl. SI-S299 

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